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Lower the Price - After the Election My Client Said....

My first thought was to laugh :) , but after thinking about it for a minute I started wondering ???  

This election has America split just about down the middle so what will the difference be. Either way, half of America will be pissed off, and half will be very happy, lets just lower the price today! Client said things may be different after the election and still wants to wait. 

So I went to look at the demographics on Clinton VS Trump 

WOW, we had White People, we had Black people, we had Hispanic people, (where are the Asian people) we had Men, we had Women, we had College Grads, we had high school and under educated, we had religious people, we had non religious people, there were so many different people out there, my mind was spinning! 


I sat back for a moment, looked at the numbers again.......and I said WAIT A MINUTE! 

All these people BUY HOMES, and All these people SELL HOMES, so lets get on with our day, and do what we do.....Help our clients. 


Have a great day -- stay tuned for our price reduction on Wednesday.... 


(I know this chart is 2 months old, its the best I could find at the moment.) 


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