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Climate Change Is Not Always A FOUR Letter Word

There are times when Climate Change can be a good thing!

Say, like today, its January, you've just "closed" on your new condo in Hawaii,  and you are from Wisconsin (my phone says its a balmy 30 degrees right now)? Go ahead and try and win this argument - lol.  

A new Poll (Harrison Poll)  just came out and it rates "climate change" as the biggest reason people move, in fact at 52%, it outranks better jobs, closer to family and even Health reasons.  (see numbers below). Not your typical definition of "climate change" these days, but one of the best uses of the phrase I have seen in years. 



With that bit if good news, I want to leave you with 2 condos we have listed, in Kona, Hawaii, both complexes sit on the Kona Country Club Golf Course, ( by the way, they reopen this month)

The top one sits directly on the golf course, and the bottom one, the complex sits on the course, but this unit is one of the single level townhomes just off the course itself. Click on the photos for more information. 




This photo below, taken about an hour ago - about 2,000 feet from the front door of the bottom unit.



Took this shot when I was  showing the top unit a couple of days ago




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