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Zestimates.... And Why I Love Them !!!

Zillow and Zestimates, why as a Realtor,  I love them!  

I know, you guys are all thinking.....  Lance has gone off the deep end, he has lost all his marbles, "Nurse Ratched" quick, we have one loose in the halls.... 

LOL, I love a Zestimate because when my phone rings, and the person on the other end starts talking about Zillow, I know I have a real lead, I have a buyer/seller on the other end that has taken the time to search the Internet. This person has educated themselves to the best of their knowledge. This person is so  serious, they want to  have as much knowledge as possible in their back pocket.  So when they pick up that phone and dial my number, they know enough - to  know if I am a person that cares and knows my market, or if I am just another salesmen out to get into their wallet. 

This is my time to SHINE!!! 

You guys remember when WebMD came out, Doctors panicked, they all thought this was the end to the everyday  visit, they only thing left for them would be emergency room accidents. 

Don't tell me you never looked up an ache or pain you had, come on, you had it all figured out from the Internet, You were the first person in North America to come down with  "West Nile Crocodile Virus" And lucky you found it, because the doctor never would have guessed it without your help. 

Only to have the doctor tell you that a runny nose, red eyes, dry mouth, were also the same symptoms as a cold... :)  

Were you mad when the doctor told you this?  NO!  In fact you were so relieved to meet a Doctor that was educated, schooled, and knew what he was talking about. Heck,  you probably got better before you even left his office. 

REALTORS, this is your moment, be that hero, be the one that educates them, be the one they LOVE. Shine that light down on them...  Embrace that " Zestimate" next time you see it

Buyers and Sellers, bring me your Zestimate, I embrace technology and I think your new found knowledge will go a long way, lets sit down and talk. 

Aloha and Mahalo



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Zestimates… And Why I Love Them!!
Zillow and Zestimates, why as a Realtor I love them! I know, you guys are all thinking… Lance has gone off the deep end, he has lost all his marbles, "Nurse Ratched" quick, we have one loose in the halls… LOL, I love a… more